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Dust, metallic shavings and even antifreeze contaminate motor oil. As contaminants are whipped into the oil, sludge is formed. This sludge will stick to parts of the engine causing the engine to perform less efficiently. Eventually, this sludge can cause engine failure. Automobile manufacturers generally recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. QuickChange Oil uses synthetic oil change for our quick oil change customers.

The oil filter's job is to remove oil contaminants. It sifts out the solid particles while allowing the oil to flow unrestricted through the engine. When the oil filter becomes "full" or "clogged," the oil and contaminants will flow around the filter. When bypassing occurs, contaminants head straight for the engine where they can eventually cause permanent engine damage. At QuickChange, your quick oil change store, we only use the best synthetic motor oil for vehicles.

Keeping your car maintained during the first year is an important part of protecting your warranty. Your owner's manual tells you what is required. It is not necessary to have your car dealership perform services to meet warranty requirements. Be sure to always save your maintenance receipts. Get our next quick oil change at QuickChange Oil today.

High-mileage oil cleans deposits and sludge, conditions seals, reduces oil consumption and protects engine parts.

Generally, any vehicle with over 75,000 miles is considered high-mileage.

Synthetic motor oils are engineered to be tougher than conventional motor oils in extreme heat, extreme cold, frequent stop and go driving, towing heavy loads, and high speed. In fact, most truck and SUV manufacturers recommend the use of synthetic motor oils. The powerful additives in synthetic motor oil neutralize corrosive particles preventing the formation of sludge.

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